REALTOR® Victoria, BC, Canada

Working with a REALTOR®

My Responsibilities To You

Whether you are purchasing a new home or selling your current home, your REALTOR® is under a regulatory requirement to present you with specific consumer information. That requirement is mandated by the Real Estate Council of BC, a legislative regulatory agency, and has been implemented to provide consumer protection and to ensure you receive the highest level of service.

It is important that you understand the "Disclosures" which your agent will be discussing with you.

On meeting with your agent they will initially be providing and discussing with you the "Disclosure of Representation in Trading Services" and the "Disclosure of Risks to Unrepresented Parties".

Your choice of whether to be represented or not will establish whether you are a client or a customer and determine whether they can give you "advice" or simply provide you with "information". There are related privacy issues to your choice and you should understand the business relationship before you disclose confidential information.

All of these disclosure forms, along with additional consumer information are available from the Real Estate Council of BC.

Additional disclosures you will encounter during the process of buying and selling will highlight responsibilities surrounding "Dual Agency, Conflict of Interest Between Clients", and during the process of selling your property the "Disclosure to Sellers of Expected Remuneration".

Never hesitate to ask questions regarding the business relationship you have with your real estate professional and be assured that I have the knowledge, experience, and integrity to make your buying or selling experience a successful one.